Would you like to see your dream come alive?  Be tangible?  Have in your hand to hold?  Now you can custom design your dream home without making a major investment in time and money.    First Draft Custom Home Design will take your concepts, sketches, must haves and wishes and turn them into a set of documents you can shop with builders and other design professionals to see if building is the best path for you and your family.




Designs by Michael Bowling

Hello, I am Michael Bowling

Let my experience help you get a step closer to building your next home

I have over 30 years of experience in residential construction as a carpenter, draftsman, and designer.  I have worked with homeowners, architects, and builders to design houses that are functional, economical to build, and beautiful both inside and out.  I would love to help you realize your custom home dream!

“After hiring him, we all met up about 6 weeks later at dinner to review his drawings. I was honestly a bit skeptical to see if he had captured the "look and feel" we wanted within the perimeters provided (sq footage, floor plan, etc). When he showed us the first round of sketches we were blown away. He had been able to fit the floor plan we wanted into the "look" of a traditional farmhouse with the addition of a few well thought out "oh wow!" spaces. He exceeded our expectations!”

S. Turner

“Michael is incredibly skilled and understands how a home should be designed and built. Extremely flexible and doesn't mind working until it's exactly what you envisioned.”

J. Shurm

“Michael Bowling designed our house and did a great job! Patient, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable about important design considerations, like energy efficiency.”

M. Brown

“Michael has a strong intuitive grasp for efficient design. The plans that he put together were virtually perfect and his professional and patient approach made me feel as though we were very well taken care of.  I will definitely use his services the next time we need a house design.”

G. Wiley

“I highly recommend Michael for architectural design and concept. We have worked together on two projects - cottage exterior and kitchen interior - and he delivered on both!”

K. Wright